What To Look For In A Pediatric Dentist

pediatric dentistryChoosing the best dentist for children will provide the groundwork for good oral care well into adulthood. Many children are scared at the thought of going to the dentist, so it is important to uncover a professional who can put a child at ease. A child’s first visit should take place after the first tooth erupts. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a pediatric dentist in Anchorage Alaska.

Office Environment

A pediatric dentist should have an office that is welcoming to young children. For example, the decor should be bright and colorful, and there should be toys available in the waiting room to make the visit more fun. It is also a way to take a child’s mind off of the appointment. Besides the office, the entire staff should be friendly and welcoming. Understanding that most children are scared should make the staff extra caring.

Education And Explanation

Children are very curious, so it is important that a dentist answers all questions that arise. As the dentist or staff member performs a specific duty, an explanation should be given. This will help a child comprehend what to expect.  For instance, a dentist can explain what the various tools are used for. It is also essential that a dentist is honest. If there is a cavity to be filled, it is best to explain the various sensations that will be felt and that there is a possibility that a small amount of pain may be experienced.  For a routine cleaning, a hygienist can show a child the “special” brush that is used and offer a variety of toothpaste flavors.

The pediatric dentist in Anchorage should teach a child the best way to care for teeth. This includes how food and drinks affect teeth and the proper way to brush and floss. Besides children, a pediatric dentist should also communicate well with parents.  This professional should teach a parent how to properly care for a baby’s teeth and explain the timeline for when adult teeth will erupt as well.

Appropriate Equipment

A child’s mouth is obviously much smaller than adult’s mouth.  This means that it will require smaller tools than are found in an adult dentist’s office. Even though the tools are similar, the smaller size will fit better into a smaller mouth and cause less abrasion than full sized equipment.


A pediatric dentist must have a great deal of patience. It is important that a child’s dentist know how to react when a child starts to cry or gets upset. Instead of getting frustrated, this professional will be familiar with the best way to handle the situation and get the job done. A pediatric dentist should be able to distract the child and put him or her at ease.


When choosing the best dentist for a child, it is smart to choose one that has been recommended by a friend or family member. Having a good experience is something that a person is usually willing to pass along. Listening to trusted individuals and doing research into other people’s experiences will be a sure way to find a good pediatric dentist.

Choosing the best dentist for a child does not have to be difficult. It will be helpful to understand things to look for when making a final selection. It is important to find a professional that is qualified and capable of providing good oral care for a child’s needs. The above information should make the process a bit easier.